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A registered public Benefit corporation (“B-Corp”), G1VE is a new way for businesses to easily donate to their choice of leading accredited Charities, strengthen their brand, reach new customers, and connect with their communities. G1VE is a clearinghouse of numerous Charities, enabling businesses to manage their giving in a single location, and have it promoted to help them reach new customers.

G1VE was created by a happy band of technology-loving idealists, with backgrounds as small business owners and stewards of large corporations, who believe in the value of businesses giving back to their communities, and in the value of informing and encouraging communities to support those businesses. 90% of consumers want to know a Business gives, yet that information is hard to come by (and verify). G1VE not only makes giving by businesses easy and convenient, it also informs consumers of it, strengthening their brand in the communities they serve.

Combining “Give” with “1”, G1VE captures the essence of what our service enables: charitable giving, and more so businesses giving a specific percentage of their revenue, usually 1% — hence the “1” in our name.

Using G1VE is easy: You choose the percentage of revenue you wish to give each month, which Charities you support, and how much of your overall donation should go to each. Then G1VE takes care of the rest: securely integrated into QuickBooks Online, each month the G1VE system calculates your overall donation amount based on your prior month’s revenue figure in QuickBooks. G1VE then collects and distributes your donation (to the Charities you’ve chosen), provides you monthly reports and records for tax time, and promotes your business to reach new customers. For more details, please see the “How G1VE Works” section below in this FAQ.

There are several advantages of using G1VE:

Ease — You can donate to one or several Charities and manage and track your donations all from a secure, single location instead of logging into multiple sites (and remembering multiple passwords). And G1VE provides you with consolidated records to make tax-time easier for you and your accountant.

Awareness — Do your customers, and potential customers, know you support Charities today? Now your giving is verifiable by an objective, third-party source who is also promoting it to help you reach new customers.

Efficiency — By leveraging technology, G1VE automates the giving process, enabling more of your donation to reach your Charities. And by “pushing” donations to Charities, they can spend less on fund-raising (i.e., on “pulling” donations), enabling more of your donated dollars to go where they really should — towards your Charity’s mission cause.

Yes. Eventually G1VE will integrate into other accounting systems (and then their Businesses will be able to join G1VE as well), but today we’re focused on serving the QuickBooks Online community. If you don’t use QuickBooks Online and would like G1VE to notify you of future integrations, please email us at info@G1VE.org.

Any type of business, in any type of industry, and of any size can use G1VE. Whether you’re brick-and-mortar, online, or both, and whether you’re “business to business” or “business to consumer”, you can use G1VE. As long as you use QuickBooks Online and are US-based, G1VE is the best way to support Charities and reach new Customers. G1VE is your charity “portfolio manager” and your “good deeds” marketing evangelist!

It’s 100% deductible: the portion distributed to your Charities is deductible (as a charitable contribution), and the portions withheld for Stripe’s processing fees and G1VE’s fee are also deductible (as business and marketing expenses). And G1VE provides you with useful reports detailing all of your activity to help make tax time easier.

How G1VE Works

A registered public Benefit corporation (“B-Corp”), G1VE is a new way for businesses to easily donate to their choice of leading accredited Charities, strengthen their brand, reach new customers, and connect with their communities. G1VE is a clearinghouse of numerous Charities, enabling businesses to manage their giving in a single location, and have it promoted to help them reach new customers.

Integrated with QuickBooks’ Single Sign-On, joining is easy: from G1VE’s page on the QuickBooks App Store click the “Get App Now” button, or from G1VE’s website, click the “Get Started” button. With G1VE, in just a few clicks your giving helps you strengthen your brand and reach new customers!

Three Areas:

  1. Secure Sign-In: QuickBooks users sign up with G1VE using their Single Sign-On (for security, QuickBooks only provides an encrypted token to G1VE; G1VE does not have access to nor does it store your Single Sign-On information).
  2. Auto-Populated Data: Using QuickBooks’ secure APIs, G1VE makes joining fast and easy by auto-populating your business name, address, and contact info from QuickBooks into your G1VE profile. G1VE stores this data as part of your profile (which you can edit anytime if you like. Please note those edits do not go back to QuickBooks).
  3. Calculate your Donation Amount: Via its secure integration with QuickBooks Online, each month the G1VE system uses your monthly revenue total for the prior month to calculate your Monthly Donation Amount, and securely stores it to provide you with a history of your monthly donations, so you can track all of your giving in one secure location (which also makes preparing for tax time easier for you and your accountant).

With G1VE, businesses donate a percentage of their choice (most do 1%) of their monthly revenue to Charity. When you join G1VE, you choose:

a] the overall percentage you’d like to donate each month;

b] which Charities you’d like to donate to; and

c] what portion of your overall donation you’d like each of them to receive (e.g. 20% to Charity A, 65% to Charity B, and 15% to Charity C).

Then G1VE does the rest: it calculates, collects, and distributes your donations each month based on your G1VE profile settings (which you can adjust at any time).

By securely integrating with QuickBooks Online, the G1VE system multiplies your QuickBooks monthly revenue total (for the prior month) by your Pledge Percent (the overall percentage you’ve chosen to donate), and the resulting figure is your Monthly Donation Amount. Since your revenue likely varies each month, your Monthly Donation Amount also varies each month.

G1VE uses Stripe, a leader in processing online payments, to collect your Monthly Donation Amount on or around the 17th of each month (for the previous month) via the credit/debit card you provided at sign-up (which you can update at any time in your G1VE profile). For added security, only Stripe stores your credit/debit card payment information, communicating with G1VE via encrypted tokens.

When you join G1VE, you select your Charities and how much of your Monthly Donation Amount you want allocated to each (e.g. 20% to Charity A, 65% to Charity B, and 15% to Charity C). After collecting your Monthly Donation Amount, G1VE divides it based on your chosen allocations, and distributes it to your selected Charity(ies). G1VE then provides you with reports of all distributions (including the date of the distribution and the reference ID received from the Charity acknowledging receipt of your donation), and provides you with records for tax time. You can update your Charities and your allocation levels at any time in your G1VE profile.

G1VE creates a private profile page for businesses using its services, which you log into using your secure QuickBooks Single Sign-On credentials. On your private profile, you can adjust your Pledge Percent (i.e. the overall percentage you’d like to donate each month), your selected Charities, and how much of your Pledge Percent you’d like allocated to each. You can also update your contact information (name, address, etc), your credit card information, as well as manage the settings for your public-facing profile page (see below for more details).

Simply log into your private profile page (via your secure QuickBooks Single Sign-On credentials), where G1VE provides you regular updates on your giving. You can see all of your historical giving by month, Charity name, Charity category, and amount, as well as the date your donations were distributed and the reference ID from the Charities acknowledging receipt of your donations. G1VE also provides useful information for you tax filings (using G1VE is 100% tax deductible).

G1VE showcases every participating business (unless they opt out) by creating a public-facing profile page. In your private profile settings, you control what information is shared on your public profile: your business name, address, contact information, business description, images, and logo. And you control whether to show your Pledge Percent, your Monthly Donation Amounts, your selected Charities, etc. You control how much of your giving-related information you’d like to share publicly, and how much you’d prefer to keep confidential. You can also link your G1VE profile page to your website, and G1VE also promotes participating businesses through social media, and provides you with content for your social media as well.


G1VE uses Stripe to collect your Monthly Donation Amount (from your credit/debit card on file), and for their service Stripe deducts 2.9% + $0.30 cents. To keep its lights on, G1VE deducts 3% (minimum $9.99) from your Monthly Donation Amount. Your donations are 100% tax-deductible and so are both Stripe’s and G1VE’s fees (as business and marketing expenses). See G1VE’s Service Fee FAQ for more details and examples.

No. Using G1VE is month-to-month, and Businesses can join (or stop) whenever they wish. Our goal is to make it easy for Businesses to give small, predictable monthly donations which they can “set and forget”, which also helps Charities, who benefit from receiving monthly donations instead of those made sporadically or at year-end. So while we hope you’ll use our service for the long-term — and let us promote your giving to reach new customers — there is no long-term contract.

Yes – a minimum of $25.00 will be collected and distributed each month. (Note that’s $25.00 total, not per each Charity you have selected.)

Nope! We believe in transparency, and our fee structure is outlined above and is also published in greater detail (including examples) in G1VE’s Service Fee FAQ (located on the G1VE website here).


G1VE’s portfolio of participating Charities continues to grow (see the current list here)! We focus on accredited, 501(c)3 entities serving a range of causes (children’s welfare, disaster relief, environment, etc). While G1VE’s initial Charities are well-known leaders with national and global reach, we will continue to augment them with other providers both large and small, building awareness for great organizations whether they’re making a difference on the other side of the world or right in your local neighborhood.

You can recommend a Charity by emailing us at info@G1VE.org. Please include the Charity’s name and if known, their website address and we’ll reach out to them. Please note Charities must be verifiable 501(c)(3)’s in good standing to be eligible to join G1VE.

Excellent! Please contact us at info@G1VE.org. Please note Charities must be verifiable 501(c)(3)’s in good standing to be eligible to join G1VE.


Our Support folks are happy to help you and can be reached by email at support@G1VE.org or by phone at 303-424-8551 from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm Mountain Time M-F. We respond to inquiries within one business day.

Please contact us by email at info@G1VE.org or by phone at 303-424-8551. We’d love to hear from you!


We’re growing and always on the lookout for great people to join our team! Please contact us at careers@G1VE.org.