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G1VE - Giving. Improved.


What is G1VE?

A registered Public Benefit Corporation, G1VE is a new way for businesses to easily donate to their choice of leading accredited charities, strengthen their brand, reach new customers, and connect with their communities.

G1VE is a clearinghouse of numerous charities, enabling businesses to securely manage their giving in a single location, and have it promoted to help them reach new customers.

Who created G1VE and why?

G1VE was created by a happy band of technology-loving idealists, with backgrounds as small business owners and stewards of large corporations, who believe in the value of businesses giving back to their communities, and in the value of informing and encouraging communities to support those businesses.

90% of consumers want to know a business gives, yet that information is hard to come by (and verify). G1VE not only makes giving by businesses easy and convenient, it also informs consumers of it, strengthening their brand in the communities they serve.