Ways Your Business Can Give Back:

Today, being in business is not just about making profits, it’s  about giving back as well. In fact, many consumers expect businesses to be socially conscious.  Increasingly, consumers are seeking out social enterprises and developing loyalty to those brands – not just because of what they sell or do, but because of what they stand for. In this era of consumer and business engagement, giving back not only feels great, it’s great for business too!

Here are three simple ways your business can give back:

Employee Volunteer Day

Having an employee volunteer day is a great way to give back.  It allows your company to connect with your community beyond your day to day business dealings and is a great team building exercise.   

Search “Employee Volunteer Opportunities in (Your City)” to find events near you.  For example, if you’re in the Denver area (where we’re headquartered) the Denver government website has a great resource page with a listing of upcoming volunteer opportunities.  

Donate Your Business’ Products or Services

Another simple way to give back is to donate your own business’ products or services. If you are a clothing store or boutique, consider donating clothes to a homeless shelter or a nonprofit  that helps people attain suitable clothing for job interviews. If you’re a restaurant or food producer, consider donating food to your community food pantry. If your business is a hair salon, consider doing a free haircut event for the homeless. Dentists can offer free cleanings and lawyers can offer pro bono work or free legal consultations. The creative ways your business can support your community are limited only by your imagination!

Pledge a Percent of Your Monthly Revenue with G1VE

We know… it’s a shameless plug, but using G1VE really is easy! When you sign up with G1VE,  you choose a percentage of your monthly revenue to donate to your favorite nonprofits.  We calculate, collect, and distribute your donations for you. You can set it and forget it – your giving is automated, secure, and centralized. Because it’s a percent-based donation, it’s always in budget. And, it makes tax-time a breeze! With G1VE, you can focus on your business while supporting your community too. It’s a win-win for everyone!

When we give to others, we get something back in return. Not only do you build a deeper connection with your community and deeper ties among your employees, but you feel a sense of satisfaction that you’re doing something good and worthwhile. We hope you’ll find a way to give back that works for you! After all, giving is good, and it’s good for business too!